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Dec 13, 2008

Setting Family Literacy Goals- 5 Reasons Why It Is Important!

Statistically speaking, 54 percent of the American parents do not take the time out to read stories to their children. This implies that more than half the American children do not get exposed to any good literature. In this way the family literacy is affected. Setting family literacy goals is a great way of boosting the literacy of all the people in the country.

What exactly does setting family literacy goals mean? In short, it is a family activity in which the family sets certain goals aimed at improving their writing and reading abilities. Here are a few methods that can be used in setting family literacy goals.

1) Reading books- There are a few families that include book reading activities in their family goal setting. Usually, these families start with simple books and work their way to more complicated novels. Book goals are set to keep a track on their progress. This can either be an individual activity or a family activity. This method is usually effective and lots of fun.

2) Word games- This is a very popular method that many families adopt for setting literacy goals. Word games such as boggle and scrabble helps nurture literacy in the families along with a lot of fun. Using scores to measure the different members progress is a great way of using word games to set family literacy goals.

Why is setting family literacy goals important?

a) Goal setting for family literacy gives a lot of clarity in achieving your target. Looking for a goal is the first step towards achieving it. This helps greatly in understanding the goals that the family sets for themselves. This helps the family analyze their goals in relation to their capacity and realize whether their goals are challenging and attainable.

b) The first step towards achieving the goal of literacy is goal setting. When you set a goal for literacy, you gather some idea on how to go about it. This is because goals setting helps a great deal in understanding the attainability of the goal. Doing this automatically pushes you to find ways of achieving the goal.

c) Setting family literacy goals is a great chance for the family to bond. A lot of parents today feel that setting goals together takes up too much of their time and so they do not take out the effort and read to their kids. Everyone is too busy doing a lot of things. Nowadays, machines have replaced humans when it comes to bringing up children. Setting family goals together gives a chance for parents and children to reconnect with each other. This is a great opportunity to go back to basics and spend quality time with each other.

d) Setting goals together also helps in developing commitment. Commitment is an important aspect of literacy goal setting. When people make a commitment to a goal, they stop at nothing till they have achieved it. This is an important part in forming a person's character. A lot of spirit and strength is required to stay committed to something. Setting goals can help in developing the strength and determination that is required to overcome all kinds of obstacles.

e) Literacy goal setting also helps in developing different abilities. Literacy goal setting helps in nurturing reading and writing abilities of an individual. Developing such ability can open up an entirely new world for people. This is a great chance to develop a person's full potential.

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