Celebrate Your Child!

Dec 15, 2008

Mini Card - Snowman

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Mini Card - Santa

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Christmas Freeze Dance

Materials Needed:

* Christmas Music - Christmas carols


* Young children love the "freeze dance" which is often played in preschool and kindergarten.

Only in this game, you create a Christmas freeze dance.

Here you play some Christmas music, let the children do a little dance, then turn the music off and the children must "freeze".

Wrapping the "gifts" race

Kids' Christmas games that is fun for kids and adults.

Materials Needed:

* Small Christmas gift
* Thick mittens
* Scarf
* Hat


* Each kid have to wrap a small Christmas gift with thick mittens, a scarf and hat on (the fastest to do this is the winner).

Banners - Santa

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Pop-Up Christmas Tree Card

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Pop-Up Snowman Card

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Ways to develop Creative Thinking in Children

Encouraging creative thinking in children is a valuable way for them to explore who they are and find talents and areas of interest that they can share with the world.

Developing creative thinking in children is easy to do with these 5 simple tips :

1. Allow Them Free Time and Flexibility

One of the easiest things for promoting creative thinking in children is to allow them to have down time where they have time for thinking and exploring. It is important to allow this by not requiring them to participate in too many structured activities.

2. Limit Computer and Television Time

Limiting time on the computer and television allows for more time to pursue creative activities, like imaginative play. And when they are on the computer there are several creative games that can be utilized, such as ones where they create art or design things like roller coasters or cities.

3. Provide Them With Tools For Creativity

Some examples of tools for encouraging creative thinking in children are blank drawing pads with markers and crayons, blocks for building with, or ink pads for making finger print art.

4. Allow Them to Follow Their Own Creative Path

Creativity is different for each person. One person may find sewing a creative outlet, while another might find writing a story a creative outlet. Let your children dictate their own path towards creativity, while you facilitate it with encouraging words and support.

5. Set An Example

There is nothing like a good example for passing our values on to the children in our lives. If we want to encourage creativity in them, why not show them that creativity is important to us as well. By making time for creative pursuits ourselves, and taking some down time of our own, we show them that creativity is an important part of life.

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