Celebrate Your Child!

Dec 21, 2008

Too "Creative" for Christmas ...

It's another few days to Christmas ... yahoo...all the children will be overjoyed especially for the "surprise" under the Christmas Tree or inside the Christmas Stockings..

Just wanna share some enlightenings here for all my friends celebrating Christmas :

You Know You Have Been Too Creative for Christmas When ....

1.You embroidered everyone's name on their Christmas stocking and their underwear.

2. You knitted your dog a Christmas cap and shirt.

3. You have real swans swimming in your pond.

4. You put live peace doves at the top of your Christmas tree.

5. You put Santa stickers on your school crossing guard stop sign.

6. Your Christmas lights on your house are brighter than the sun, moon and stars.

7. You have the largest candy cane display in the entire neighborhood in your front yard and they are real candy canes.

8. You made a real gingerbread house for the squirrels in your backyard.

9. The popcorn balls you made are as big as basketballs.

10. Your Christmas cookies spell out each word of the twelve days of Christmas.

11. You dress your dog and cat in matching Santa bibs.

12. You have more than two Christmas wreaths on your car.

13. Your pet parrot can sing twenty Christmas songs.

14. You have more than three Santas in your front yard.

15. You have more than ten Christmas trees in your house and it is not a large house.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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