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Dec 28, 2009

Child Safety and Online Dangers Reducing Risks

It is important to learn how to provide your child safety while online, since the dangers can lead to fatalities. Government officials, caring writers, and many others are producing information that will help you to take the steps in protecting your child from online dangers.

The Internet has valuable tools and features that make it convenient for anyone to go online and find nearly anything in the world they desire.

Chat rooms are one of the areas online where children frequent. In the chat, rooms are pedophiles, serial killers and rapists, and the list does not stop here. The chat rooms were structured as a compliment to Bell, and here is where many people visit while utilizing alias to communicate. People from around the globe utilize chat rooms day and night to land a date, conduct business, chat with friends, and so forth. At what time a person enters a chat room, first they select from a list of features before entering a room. For example, the person will select from a list of titled chat rooms, such as movies, romance, interracial relationships, gay chat, and so forth. Often times the titles are mere names, yet represent something different. People will often use the chat area as a cyber platform rather than communicate the intended subject.

Be aware! Predators prey on children while employing the chat room as a device to snarl his or her victims. Often a predator will manipulate the child, making the child believe that he or she is speaking with someone of his or her own age. After gaining confidence, the predator then moves in for his intended purpose.

The Internet is not only a place for learning, communicating, et cetera; also, the net is a place where predators surf. In the world, you have thieves, rapist, murderers, et cetera, which you may not always come face to face with the culprit in the real world: However, just like the world, the Internet has all types of predators. The downside…with advanced technology, predators can watch you in the comforts of your own home. You will not even know until he or she hits you. All the person needs is access to your IP Address, a bit of personal information, some technical equipment and the culprit is well on his way to gaining access of your life.


Hackers can obtain information to utilize to their advantage, yet hackers are not the only predator that lurks behind the screen. A noted Computer Security Analyst, Dorothy Denning stated: “Completely secured systems are not possible, but the risk can be reduced considerably, probably to a level commensurate with the value of the information stored on the systems and threat posed by both hackers and insiders.”
Media, digital imaging, and other devices have made it possible for a person to view persons in their home.

Child safety is essential. Children are subjected to many influences and are often easily swayed. To learn how you can protect your child from online dangers, take the time to read rules for children, online safety tips and more. Children require a degree of privacy; however, it is essential that you as a parent monitor your child’s activities online. Let the child know that you are aware of the dangers, and that you are not invaded the child’s privacy, rather taking the precautions to protect your child while online.

How to protect your child from online dangers includes open communication. Make it convenient for your child to communicate with you. If your child appears upset over something that happens online, in a loving manner approach the child without accusing him or her, and find the underlying cause of the problem. If you suspect any activities online that is geared toward your child, REPORT it immediately. Reporting crime is fighting crime!

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Dec 26, 2009

5 Steps to Organize Kids' Toys

Christmas is the seasons of giving and most of the time, we give our kids "TOYS" as presents. This is because the children has been on the "Santa's GOOD list"! :-)

So here's some tips to organize the kids' toys :

1. Separate all your kids' toys into categories. Building blocks, tools, dolls, reading materials, action figures and cooking items are all toy categories.

2. Make a list of your categories. List in the broadest possible terms. For example, you'll likely keep Barbie dolls and accessories together.

3. Decide on the best container (box, basket, bin) to hold each category. Clear, plastic storage boxes are the best choice for most toys. Consider a rolling cart for toys that kids like to move throughout your home.

4. Gather each category and measure. For example, stack all the building blocks. Measure dimensions and find or buy appropriate containers.

5. Set it up. Each toy should be categorized and should have a home to make clean up quicker and easier. If children know exactly where things belong, they are more likely to put them away.

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Dec 13, 2009

Why You Should Let Your Kids Decorate Your Home for Christmas

Are you a parent? If so, are you children looking forward to Christmas this year? Whether your children are toddlers or teenagers, there is a good chance that they are excited with what Christmas may bring. In the weeks and days leading up to Christmas, you will find that their excitement just keeps on building. To hang on to that excitement, you may want to think about decorating your home for Christmas. Decorating your home for Christmas is a great way to keep your children’s excitement going strong until Christmas does finally arrive.

When it comes to decorating for Christmas, you will find that you have a number of different options. Your first impulse may be to decorate your home on your own, but you may want to think about letting your children help you. You will find that there are, literally, an unlimited number of benefits to letting your children help you decorate for Christmas, no matter how young or old they are.

As previously mentioned, there are a number of benefits to letting your children help you decorate your home for Christmas, no matter what their age. Despite the fact that children of all ages could benefit from helping you decorate for Christmas, there are some children who could benefit more than others. For instance, young children, especially toddlers, are in the learning stages of their life. This stage is where children can benefit the most from a small amount of responsibility and encouragement. Encouraging your children to help you decorate for Christmas, by hanging up pictures or by completing another small task, you could be encouraging them to use their mind, their imagination, and their decorating skills!

Perhaps, the best way to go about decorating your home for Christmas is together. Unfortunately, in today’s world families don’t get to spend as much time with each other as they should. That is one of the reasons why Christmas is so important; it is one of the times when all families get to come together. Instead of decorating for Christmas by yourself or letting your children do it all, you all should decorate for Christmas. In addition to helping build up the Christmas spirit, decorating for Christmas as a family is one of the best ways to spending well needed bonding time together.

The best part of decorating, for your kids, may be the actual decorating process, but there is something else that your kids may also enjoy. They may also enjoy helping you pick out Christmas decorations. By taking your kids with you to the store, they could easily help you pick out Christmas decorations. If you are shopping for Christmas decorations on a budget, you are advised to visit your local dollar store or department store. These stores usually have low-cost Christmas decorations, many of which will appeal to children. If, by some chance, you can’t find the decorations that you or your children were looking for, you could easily make their own Christmas decorations. In fact, making homemade Christmas decorations is another fun experience, all on its own.

Regardless of whether or not you ask your children for assistance, when decorating your home for Christmas, you are urged to decorate. For children, Christmas decorations help to keep them excited about the upcoming holiday. That is why Christmas decorations are an important part of the holiday season.

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Dec 10, 2009

Let Your Kids Make Their Own Christmas Decorations

Are you planning on decorating your home for the holidays this year? If so, there is a good chance that you will be in need of decorations. When it comes to decorating for Christmas, many individuals automatically head to their local department store or specialty Christmas shop. Buying your Christmas decorations is a great way to get the decorations that you need, but did you know that buying is not your only option? If you are a parent, you are encouraged to let your children make their own Christmas decorations. You will find that there are, literally, an unlimited number of benefits to doing so.

One of the greatest benefits to letting your children make their own Christmas decorations is the feeling that they will receive with the finished product. No matter what the age of your child or children, there is a good chance that they will be pleased with their final products, whether that final product be a Christmas tree ornament or a Christmas picture. And, since the whole point of Christmas decorations is to decorate, your children may be pleased to see their works of art hanging on your walls or on the Christmas tree. As a parent, that could, hands down, be the biggest reason why you should allow your kids to make their own Christmas decorations.

In addition to the pride that they will feel, you should also let your children make their own Christmas decorations because it should be a relatively easy and fun process. When it comes to making Christmas decorations, you will likely find that you have many of the craft supplies needed, already in your home. If not, you can easily purchase craft supplies, including Christmas supplies, from your local craft store or local dollar store. The supplies that you need to purchase don’t even just have to be for Christmas decorations. You can use the leftover supplies for other projects, if you choose to do so. That is one of the many reasons why having your children make their own Christmas decorations is cheaper than buying store bought ones.

Although this article had a focus on letting your children make their own Christmas decorations, you may want to join in the process as well. Not only can you give your children decoration ideas, especially young children, but you can also enjoy some quality time with each other. Christmas is all about family; therefore, by making Christmas decorations with your children, you and your family will be off to the right start, when celebrating Christmas. Whether you help out a little bit or make your own Christmas decorations, you and your children will likely enjoy the time that is being spent together.

Once the C

The famous Christmas tree of the Galeries Lafa...Image via Wikipedia

hristmas decorations have been made, whether they were made with your assistance or not, they will need to be displayed. When displaying your child’s homemade Christmas decorations, it is important that you give them time to dry, especially if paint or glue was used. This extra time will help to ensure that the hard work put into the decorations doesn’t go to waste. When the time is right, you and your child could spend the rest of the day or evening decorating your home for Christmas. What better way to end out the perfect day then letting your children help you hang their handmade treasures.

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Dec 8, 2009

Adopting a Child for the First Time

Anyone thinking of adopting for the first time will have many questions and concerns. Adopting is not a simple process and much consideration and deliberation is necessary. It is a very serious matter and not to be taken lightly. There is much more to adopting a child - it is not like shopping for a car; a child is a precious gift. The following is a list of common questions that those wishing to adopt for the first time might ask :-

Ethiopia TripImage by ckpicker via Flickr

* In North America, who is able to adopt? Potential adoptive parents should meet the criteria set by an adoption agency or a non-profit making adoption organization. Then they can adopt.

* How long is the process for adopting a child? This can vary and usually depends on the type of adoption that is chosen, and the period can be anything up to a year or even many years in some cases. This also depends on the child's needs and also what the adopting parents are looking for in a child. If they are willing to spend more time and money in the search for their ideal, then this can be a deciding factor on how long an adoption takes.

* What is the cost of adopting a child? This all depends on what the adopting parents are looking for in a child, and the criteria they have set for themselves. A public adoption usually doesn't involve any cost. When adopting through s private agency or a foreign adoption, the costs can vary and can go up to about $35,000.

* How does the adoption process operate? Every adoption is individual so the time it takes can vary. It may also depends on which province or state is involved in the adoption, as they each come under their own government jurisdiction; they each keep their own rules and regulations for adoption.

* Is one able to adopt from another province or state? Every province or state has their own laws and regulations which need to be adhered to, and some areas are very strict compared to others.

* Can one adopt a child from abroad? It is possible to adopt a child from another country. In North America, many Americans choose to adopt a foreign child from countries like china, Colombia, Ethiopia, Russia, Vietnam and many others. The adoption criteria for the country where the child is being adopted must be met before the parents can adopt.

* What are sources are available for first time adoption? Detailed information can be found from many individuals, groups and organizations who have the resources. People usually like to ask a friend or someone they know who has already adopted, before making their first appointment to see a Social Worker or someone else
locally who deals with child welfare. There are also adoptive parent's support groups which people can attend to help in the decision making. The Internet provides lots of useful information regarding adoption, including names of adoption associations and contact details of who they can approach.

* One a person has collated enough information regarding first-time adoption where does one begin? Once individuals have decided on what is the best type of adoption for them, an adoption plan needs to be drawn up. This is so the adopting parents know what goals to aim for, and also it serves as a backup plan if things don't quite
work out the first time.

Those proceeding with a first-time adoption will have many questions that need answering and they will find some of those answers here. The relevant people must be contacted so that if they have any more questions that haven't be answered, or they have more at a later date, they can find out all they need for the all important decision.

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Dec 5, 2009

Bust Boredom with Kid Crafts

Have you ever heard those familiar words, "I'm bored," coming from the mouth of your child? If so, then kid crafts are the answer. Provide the kids with craft materials and boredom will be a thing of the past. Read on for ideas about kid crafts.

Kid crafts essential materials include paper, crayons, safe scissors, and glue. Paper for kid crafts can include construction paper, plain typing paper, cardstock of various colors, and many other options. Even junk mail and old magazines can make interesting art projects. Crayons are nice for younger children, but the stores are now filled with other options, such as washable dry-erase markers, watercolor pencils, and gel pens. Kid crafts supplies can run into money, but even on a budget there are many possibilities.

Other materials kids can craft with include recycled junk and found objects. By recycled junk, I'm referring to empty cereal boxes, toothpaste boxes, cardboard from packaging, plastic containers, and even tin cans. If you let kids craft with tin cans, however, you need to make sure the open edge of the can doesn't have any sharp edges. Simply file these off or squeeze them flat with a pair of pliers.

Found objects include leaves, twigs, rocks, snakeskins, and other natural item a child might find. Perhaps there is a sheep farm nearby. If so, wool scraps can often be found stuck to the barbed wire fences. Any or all of these items can be used in kid crafts.

One of the most fun and popular kid crafts is making a collage. Kids can glue anything down when making a collage. Use heavy paper for the background, and then let the creativity begin! For an extra challenge, a collage can be built around a theme, like food, animals, or babies. Old magazines can be searched for just the right pictures, which can be cut out and glued to the background. The older child might wish to cut out details from magazine pictures and reassemble them in new and interesting ways. They might cut out interesting words and headlines and add them as well.

Younger kid crafts can include collages made of glued down pasta, beans, popsicle sticks, leaves, and many other materials. Don't forget about glitter, too. If the budget allows only a few kid crafts splurges, remember that kids of all ages, particularly girls, really enjoy crafting artwork that includes glitter. But whether your kids are boys or girls, young or older, suggest some kid crafts the next time your kids are bored!

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Dec 2, 2009

Fun and FREE activities to spend with your kid

Everyone loves to have a little fun now and again. Especially kids! And, of course those that are still kids at heart. But, with the rising economy, it becomes more and more difficult to have money on hand for fantastic family outings.

Here are some fun indoor activities that you can spend "Quality" time with your kid/kids :

Blowing Bubbles

Making your own bubbles couldn't be easier! You can use liquid hand soap and a bit of water to do this. All you would need is a bubble wand, which you could create out of a bit of thin wire(left over Easter Egg wire dippers would be excellent for this), and a container for the bubbles(you could simply use a bowl or plastic container for that) and you're all set.

For smaller children, try picking up some "tear free" shampoo to create your bubble mixture with. Do remember that the more "foamy" a liquid soap is, the lower quality your bubble mixture will be. Now, to create your own bubbles, simply take 1/15 cup of liquid soap(actually it is said that dish washing liquid works best) mixed with 1 cup of water inside whatever container you want to store it in.

Bubble mixtures of liquid soap and water can also be mixed with glycerin, sugar, or corn syrup as well. For even more bubble recipes, check out this websites : Homemade Bubbles

Giant Easel

Go to a charity shop or wallpaper shop and buy leftover rolls of wallpaper. Cover a wall with the paper, back to front, stick it up with blu-tac or drawing pins.

Give the kids paints, crayons, chalks pens etc and let them create their own frieze. The little ones reach the bottom, whilst the big ones can reach up to the top.

Board Games

Almost every family home has one form of board game or another. Whether it be your standard board game such as Monopoly, Sorry, Trouble, etc., or a DVD type trivia game, these can provide hours of fun.

While DVD style games are fun, the classic board games are better as you will never have the same outcome. Meaning, even though you are playing the exact same game, the winner is unknown until you have finished the game.

Try spicing up the game by playing for different types of prizes, but be sure that everyone will win something. The prizes could be dividing up chores that are to be done, having the 1st place winner getting the easiest household chore and the last place winner receiving the more difficult, or the chore that is least preferred by all family members.

You could also try having the prizes consist of allowing the 1st place winner pick tomorrow's activity, 2nd place winner picking the following day's activity, and so on.

If you don't have a board game lying around, why not invent your own games? Activities such as "treasure hunts" can be fun and educational at the same time. You can create your own maps or clue lists and let the first place winner(s) have first pick at the treasures. And, of course, the treasures can be anything you can think of that would have significant value within your particular family unit.

Also, a good game of hide and seek can also be hours of fun for all ages. And, hide and seek can be played both indoors or outdoors depending on the weather.

Turn each day into a memorable adventure of fun for everyone! And remember, money doesn't make memories, YOU do! :-)

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