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May 18, 2009

Is it important to teach your child about money?

Did you know that more and more young adults are having to move back home to mom and dad’s because they have made bad money choices?

And did you know that the largest group of people filing for bankruptcies today are under the age of 30?

Couples are getting divorced in drastic numbers and the number one reason is 'money stress'.

The first step in teaching your child about money is to teach them age-specific, individual money lessons that will give your child a really solid understanding of the money fundamentals.

A good friend of mine, Amanda van der Gulik, from Teaching Children About Money
has put together a complete resource guide for parents showing us step-by-step, age-specific money lessons for our children.

I’ve gone through this guide over and over again, and I am repeatedly impressed with the wealth of easily applicable steps that she walks us through to teach our children about money.

Amanda has spent over three years compiling all of the resources that she has kindly placed at our finger tips in her ebook. It would take us years to find these on our own. Amanda has made it really easy for us.

Better still she has even created a special 7 day Course for our children with over “50 Money Making Ideas for Kids” to help us get our children started earning their own money so that they will have the money needed to learn how to successfully manage it.

Click HERE to get access today!

I've already started the course, and it blew me away. I would have never even considered some of the ideas that she gave us.

After you sign up for the course, make sure you read through her website and learn more about how you can teach your own child all about money.

Here’s to your child’s massive success in learning how to make their money work FOR them.

Teach YOUR Children About Money

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