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Jul 28, 2009

How to Make Homework More Appealing for Your Child

There’s no doubt about it, homework is a vital part of children’s development. As parents, it is our duty to encourage them to do their homework and learn so that they can reach their full potential. Not only will this help them learn but it will instill a sense of pride within them. Plus, they’ll have a better understanding of the concepts at school and can do better overa

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ll. But, what if your child hates homework and it is a struggle to get them to do it every day? Well, I can help. In this article, I will teach you how to make homework more appealing for your child.

>>1. Help them get into work mode.

When children hear the word homework, they automatically remember something that is not fun. In addition, they’re often exhausted after school. Therefore it important that we give them ample time to unwind before we insist that they complete their academic work. We can do this by administering a health snack and giving them a bit of personal time immediately after school.

>>2. Change their vision about homework.

Many kids don’t like homework therefore we must turn their vision around. We must teach them that homework can be a lot of fun. Instead of thinking of it as work to do at home, we can encourage them to see it as a time to further educate our brains in a fun and enriching manner. This simply paradigm shift will get results, trust me.

>>3. Make an enrichment plan with your kids.

Get your children involved and excited about their homework. This can be done by getting them involved in a homework plan that gets them excited. To create this plan, brainstorm with your kids. Ask them questions like, “Why do we need to have enrichment time? How much time should you spend every day on enrichment time? Where will you set up enrichment time? What can we both do to make enrichment time more fun and enrichment? Both of you should take time to really think about the plan and how to make it worth for the both of you.

>>4. Be versatile.

Just remember that children are not soldiers. They’ve been in school all day and they need a breaks as well as a snack before they get started with homework. So, give them a bit of down town before you create the enrichment at home program. Not only will this make them more excited about the plan but it will excite them as well. Understand that nothing is set in stone. So, make changes to the schedule when necessary. After all, you want to keep your kids happy and excited about completing their work. Right?

>>5. In conclusion, .. if you and your children work together to develop a realistic home enrichment program, they will be more excited about getting their work done and will feel a sense of immense pride and accomplishment as a result of their involvement with the plan. Good luck parent

Source : Make Homework more Appealing to Children by Kristi Patrice Carter

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