Celebrate Your Child!

Aug 8, 2009

Set your children on the path to a healthier and happier lifestyle

Taking care of your health and body is always important and taking care of the health of your family is extremely important as well. Yet the role as a mother is not simply defined by this Mother's Day alone. Your commitment and love for them is year long. From showing them right from wrong, to teaching them about the world, every action you perform is for them and for them alone.

But did you know that even the way you eat can influence your children’s health decisions in the future? It’s true. From as early as pregnancy, the foods you eat can have a strong influence on the way your children’s diet develops in the future, as the Medical Research Council and Wellcome Trust discovered in their recent study.

Drawing further on this thesis, the Wellcome Trust believe that even the smallest changes in our external environment and eating habits can be passed on directly through our DNA to our children. A theory that places a whole new light on recent data that suggests by 2050 nine in ten children will be obese.

It all ties down to the actions we perform today.

But don’t worry if you mis-behaved during your pregnancy and ate fatty foods. We all did. What matters most is the fact that you can still have a positive influence upon your children’s eating habits, beginning with the choices you make today.

No matter your children’s age, there are things you can do today that can set precedent for them as they grow up and have families of their own. You can make the change, and the fascinating part is, is that all it takes is small subtle changes to help them in the right direction.

Imagine for a moment a fun-filled day filled with action, activity and enjoyment for the entire family. Bike rides, long walks, picnicking in the park… you can turn today into one day to remember as you fill your families day with delicious low in saturated food and fun, fun, fun.

And the best part is they won’t even realise that you have removed the traditional meal out/ takeaway with a healthier option.

And the benefits can affect you all. You, your partner, your children… all of you can begin feeling the benefits of natural weight loss and a healthier body.

So make today ...a day to remember. Carefree, fun and most important, the day you know that you are setting your children in the right direction.

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