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Dec 8, 2009

Adopting a Child for the First Time

Anyone thinking of adopting for the first time will have many questions and concerns. Adopting is not a simple process and much consideration and deliberation is necessary. It is a very serious matter and not to be taken lightly. There is much more to adopting a child - it is not like shopping for a car; a child is a precious gift. The following is a list of common questions that those wishing to adopt for the first time might ask :-

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* In North America, who is able to adopt? Potential adoptive parents should meet the criteria set by an adoption agency or a non-profit making adoption organization. Then they can adopt.

* How long is the process for adopting a child? This can vary and usually depends on the type of adoption that is chosen, and the period can be anything up to a year or even many years in some cases. This also depends on the child's needs and also what the adopting parents are looking for in a child. If they are willing to spend more time and money in the search for their ideal, then this can be a deciding factor on how long an adoption takes.

* What is the cost of adopting a child? This all depends on what the adopting parents are looking for in a child, and the criteria they have set for themselves. A public adoption usually doesn't involve any cost. When adopting through s private agency or a foreign adoption, the costs can vary and can go up to about $35,000.

* How does the adoption process operate? Every adoption is individual so the time it takes can vary. It may also depends on which province or state is involved in the adoption, as they each come under their own government jurisdiction; they each keep their own rules and regulations for adoption.

* Is one able to adopt from another province or state? Every province or state has their own laws and regulations which need to be adhered to, and some areas are very strict compared to others.

* Can one adopt a child from abroad? It is possible to adopt a child from another country. In North America, many Americans choose to adopt a foreign child from countries like china, Colombia, Ethiopia, Russia, Vietnam and many others. The adoption criteria for the country where the child is being adopted must be met before the parents can adopt.

* What are sources are available for first time adoption? Detailed information can be found from many individuals, groups and organizations who have the resources. People usually like to ask a friend or someone they know who has already adopted, before making their first appointment to see a Social Worker or someone else
locally who deals with child welfare. There are also adoptive parent's support groups which people can attend to help in the decision making. The Internet provides lots of useful information regarding adoption, including names of adoption associations and contact details of who they can approach.

* One a person has collated enough information regarding first-time adoption where does one begin? Once individuals have decided on what is the best type of adoption for them, an adoption plan needs to be drawn up. This is so the adopting parents know what goals to aim for, and also it serves as a backup plan if things don't quite
work out the first time.

Those proceeding with a first-time adoption will have many questions that need answering and they will find some of those answers here. The relevant people must be contacted so that if they have any more questions that haven't be answered, or they have more at a later date, they can find out all they need for the all important decision.

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