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Dec 26, 2009

5 Steps to Organize Kids' Toys

Christmas is the seasons of giving and most of the time, we give our kids "TOYS" as presents. This is because the children has been on the "Santa's GOOD list"! :-)

So here's some tips to organize the kids' toys :

1. Separate all your kids' toys into categories. Building blocks, tools, dolls, reading materials, action figures and cooking items are all toy categories.

2. Make a list of your categories. List in the broadest possible terms. For example, you'll likely keep Barbie dolls and accessories together.

3. Decide on the best container (box, basket, bin) to hold each category. Clear, plastic storage boxes are the best choice for most toys. Consider a rolling cart for toys that kids like to move throughout your home.

4. Gather each category and measure. For example, stack all the building blocks. Measure dimensions and find or buy appropriate containers.

5. Set it up. Each toy should be categorized and should have a home to make clean up quicker and easier. If children know exactly where things belong, they are more likely to put them away.

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