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Dec 28, 2009

Child Safety and Online Dangers Reducing Risks

It is important to learn how to provide your child safety while online, since the dangers can lead to fatalities. Government officials, caring writers, and many others are producing information that will help you to take the steps in protecting your child from online dangers.

The Internet has valuable tools and features that make it convenient for anyone to go online and find nearly anything in the world they desire.

Chat rooms are one of the areas online where children frequent. In the chat, rooms are pedophiles, serial killers and rapists, and the list does not stop here. The chat rooms were structured as a compliment to Bell, and here is where many people visit while utilizing alias to communicate. People from around the globe utilize chat rooms day and night to land a date, conduct business, chat with friends, and so forth. At what time a person enters a chat room, first they select from a list of features before entering a room. For example, the person will select from a list of titled chat rooms, such as movies, romance, interracial relationships, gay chat, and so forth. Often times the titles are mere names, yet represent something different. People will often use the chat area as a cyber platform rather than communicate the intended subject.

Be aware! Predators prey on children while employing the chat room as a device to snarl his or her victims. Often a predator will manipulate the child, making the child believe that he or she is speaking with someone of his or her own age. After gaining confidence, the predator then moves in for his intended purpose.

The Internet is not only a place for learning, communicating, et cetera; also, the net is a place where predators surf. In the world, you have thieves, rapist, murderers, et cetera, which you may not always come face to face with the culprit in the real world: However, just like the world, the Internet has all types of predators. The downside…with advanced technology, predators can watch you in the comforts of your own home. You will not even know until he or she hits you. All the person needs is access to your IP Address, a bit of personal information, some technical equipment and the culprit is well on his way to gaining access of your life.


Hackers can obtain information to utilize to their advantage, yet hackers are not the only predator that lurks behind the screen. A noted Computer Security Analyst, Dorothy Denning stated: “Completely secured systems are not possible, but the risk can be reduced considerably, probably to a level commensurate with the value of the information stored on the systems and threat posed by both hackers and insiders.”
Media, digital imaging, and other devices have made it possible for a person to view persons in their home.

Child safety is essential. Children are subjected to many influences and are often easily swayed. To learn how you can protect your child from online dangers, take the time to read rules for children, online safety tips and more. Children require a degree of privacy; however, it is essential that you as a parent monitor your child’s activities online. Let the child know that you are aware of the dangers, and that you are not invaded the child’s privacy, rather taking the precautions to protect your child while online.

How to protect your child from online dangers includes open communication. Make it convenient for your child to communicate with you. If your child appears upset over something that happens online, in a loving manner approach the child without accusing him or her, and find the underlying cause of the problem. If you suspect any activities online that is geared toward your child, REPORT it immediately. Reporting crime is fighting crime!

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