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Jul 29, 2010

The types of educational toys to choose for your kids..

In today’s world of modern era life is so fast that even parents don’t have time for their children. This is creating lots of problems for the children in learning things at school. The reason behind this is lack of proper learning experiences at early stages of life. But educational toys have solved this problem in a real sense. With the help of educational toys parents can help their child learn fast. This also improves children’s skills like problem solving, motor skills, creativity, imagination, coordination. Educational toys teach children in a homely environment without any pressure on them. What can be better than fast learning in homely environment?

There are many types of educational toys available in market. Each one of them has its own importance. Every toy plays its role in its way. If we talk about that which educational toy is more successful? The answer will be every educational toy has its own place and meaning.

For example building toys develop more than one skill in the children and keeps them busy for many hours. Children come across building blocks of different shapes, colors and sizes. When a child pushes or pulls them to make new things his creativity and imagination enhances. At the same time as he is thinking to make things he is improving his problem solving skills. In addition to this he develops strong concentration. Plus he develops hand and eye coordination while building something.
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In the same way physical toys are educational toys like which are mostly outdoor units. They develop motor skills of the children in no time. Child maintains his balance in this way. He runs around and learns things quickly.

Musical toys help to teach children learn language. Toys singing songs help child teach basic concepts of science and math. Even if properly managed these educational toys can help children learn addition, subtraction and multiplication rules before going to kindergarten. As they hear music they learn the rhythm and it can also develop in them the love for music.

Social toys help in developing skills like living and surviving in a group. When a child plays with such educational toys he put himself in different situations which develop creativity and imagination. At the same time when he is dealing the situation he made for himself he is improving his problem solving skills.

Reading toys are also of great importance. No doubt books are the best reading toys but these days many web based reading matter is available. It has strong graphics and bright colors. These factors attract children and develop in them interest for reading books.

So it can be said that no toy is more or less successful. Every educational toy has its own significance and its role to be played. It can’t be that we use only one type of educational toy and expect our child to learn everything. Each toy is specified for the development of particular skills. Educational toys work as a group for the child’s mental and physical development.

Jul 5, 2010

Kids Eating Healthy

Fast food is a big part of modern life these days, making it very hard to teach a child how he or she should eat healthy. The cheapest and easiest foods are those that are normally the least healthy. If you give your child the choice between healthy food and junk food, you normally won't like the results.

Even though it isn't possible to get a child to like all healthy foods, there are some ways to get your child to try and hopefully like at least a few of them. You can be as creative as you like, as getting kids to eat healthy foods can be a little harder than you may think.

- Sneak the healthy food in. Even though it would be great if your kid understood the importance of fruits and vegetables, this isn't always possible. If you can't get them to eat good food willingly, there are ways to sneak them in, such as making muffins out of bananas or apples, or pizza with spinach on it.
Broccoli, Calabrese cultivarImage via Wikipedia
- Call fruits and vegetables by funny names. You can refer to broccoli as "trees", making them more fun to eat. There are many different names you can call fruits and vegetables, even making up your own if you prefer. Most kids prefer to eat foods that sound fun.

- Make the foods taste better. Ranch dressing is great for broccoli, while peanut butter is a great topping for celery. There are several combinations for vegetables that can make them taste much better. You can let your child pick a topping for a vegetable, even if it's something you wouldn't normally like yourself.

- Dress the vegetables up. Just as much as calling them names help kids eat healthy foods, making them look funny also helps. You can do this by making funny designs on the plate, or setting them up to look like people. Although some parents don't like their kids playing with their food, sometimes it helps to get them to eat healthier.
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There are several ways to make your kids eat healthier, but to make them enjoy it also has to be fun as well. This isn't always an easy task, because kids normally don't like foods that are good for them. It can however, be done with a bit of creativity. Hopefully, doing this will help your child develop a love of healthy foods for the rest of their lives.

Jul 1, 2010

Easy Kids Recipes #1: Frozen Chocolate Yogurt Mud Pie

Are you looking for easy kids recipes to keep your children busy? Kids just love to help out in the kitchen and cooking is a great and fun way to teach your children the importance of eating healthy. This is one delicious and nutritious dessert recipe that your kids will surely love to make and to eat. And did I mention that it’s healthy, too?

This easy recipe for a dessert requires no cooking and is ideal even for your little preschooler. Once you’re comfortable making this recipe, feel free to experiment with various containers to create your own mud pie shapes.

This recipe makes 1 Frozen Chocolate Yogurt Mud Pie that serves two.

What you’ll need:
Nonfat YogurtImage via Wikipedia
5 cups plain yogurt
250g Chocolate cookie crumbs
4 tbsps Melted margarine
Soft, sweet fruits chopped in small pieces (mango, banana, etc.)

What you need to do:

1. In a large bowl, mix together your margarine and your cookie crumbs. We’re looking for a sticky moist consistency.

2. Next, line your container with this cookie crumb mixture. The bottom and the sides of your container should be covered with it (pretend you’re making a cup made of cookie crumbs).

3. Make sure you pack them in tightly and that it is around ¼” thick. A round container that is 4” in diameter and 3” in height is a good size, although you’re free to experiment with the shape and size of your mud pie.

4. Next, in another bowl, mix the plain yogurt and your fruit pieces together. The fruit pieces should be completely hidden inside the yogurt mixture.

5. Put the yogurt mixture into the cookie crumb mixture (like you’re filling the cup you made with yogurt).

6. Leave in the freezer to harden and freeze.

7. Once it’s frozen, it’s ready to serve. You may lift it out of your container or you may serve it in the container – your choice. If you want, you may also put fruit slices or sprinkle chocolate chips on top.
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Healthy and easy kids recipes like this are fun to make. But are you able to teach your kids the importance of choosing healthy food all the time?

Kiera S. Campbell is the author of “Yummy Healthy Tummy: The Secrets of Raising Healthy Kids Every Parent Needs to Know!”. She can teach you how you can help your children grow up to love and choose healthy eating for life. Visit http://www.yummyhealthytummy.com to learn more.

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