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Aug 30, 2010

How often do you change your baby’s diaper?

The question of when to change a baby’s diaper is one that will give a lot of parents pause for thought. If you are to change a diaper every time a baby goes to the toilet in it, the simple fact is that you will end up spending so much on diapers that you will have little left to spend on anything else. Leave it too long, however, and the results are more harrowing than any impact to your bank balance. There is no gentle way to say this, but the bacteria in faeces, when combined with urine, will cause diaper rash – and this is something that anyone who has seen it will do their best to avoid.

For starters, it is important to change your baby’s diaper whenever he or she defecates. This is important for hygiene and comfort, as your baby will be in some discomfort if he or she is made to sit in a dirty diaper.
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When your baby defecates – and you will know when this has happened – you must change their diaper as promptly as possible. Although urine poses less of a problem, it is still not desirable to leave a child in a diaper that is too wet, even a highly absorbent disposable one.

On average, babies will urinate every one to three hours and defecate several times a day. At regular intervals you must therefore change the diaper. It will save money if you use cloth diapers, however it is important to have several diapers and a washing rotation so that there is always a clean diaper around – so it really is a question of expense versus work.

Aug 26, 2010

Disposable Diapers or Cloth?

There is a quite fierce debate between parents – both long-term ones and new ones – over which type of diaper is better for babies. The two main types of diaper are disposable ones and cloth ones, and both types inevitably have their plus sides and their minus sides. In truth, neither kind is better per se than the other. But depending on your personal outlook on such things, you are likely to lean one way or the other, and make your decision based on that instinct. It then comes down to whether you feel comfortable with your choice after a month or two of putting it into practice.

Disposable diapers have in their favor that they are disposable (obviously). On changing the diaper, you will simply have to put it in the trash and say no more about it. However, as any parent will tell you, children are very productive sources of waste matter, so keeping them in clean diapers can add up to a lot of expense. Cloth diapers are invariably cheaper – although clearly you need to have quite a few if you don’t want to be washing them almost constantly. They also mess up the environment a lot less.

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It is up to you to decide which kind of diaper is the best for your purposes and for your purse. Either way, there is work involved and there is expense to take into account. The health of your baby’s skin plays a major part in considerations as well, but at the final analysis you and your baby will be fine as long as you keep on top of things – and if you go with cloth diapers, it is worth still having some disposables around in case of emergencies or when you are on the go.

Aug 1, 2010

Kids and Playhouse!

Being a parent will always inspire you to want the very best for your children. Ask any parents and they will tell you about the many desires they've got for their infant and many of the hopes they have. Some parents will even start outfitting their playrooms with all the best toys even before their kids are born, just from sheer excitement for what is about to happen. But take a word of advice: pick out your toys wisely because plenty of parents will spend a lot of money on certain toys that their kids won't ever even touch or have any interest in. So, with all the toys available available to buy, what is the best investment that your children will play with for years and years to come? A little tikes playhouse will fit the bill and get you years and years of use.

As mentioned before, many parents will go overboard with the buying of toys because they're just just so excited in making their little ones happy. So many toys will be bought and given, but either played with for a while or not even at all. By purchasing a little tikes playhouse, you are investing in a lifetime of memories for you youngsters, not only for your little girls either. The modern play houses are available in many different styles and colors. They're even growing more and more popular for boys to use as a place of escape or a fort for their many adventures. Also they are popular because they are made out of heavy-duty, thick plastic which will withstand most of the out-of-doors elements, even during harsh mid-west winters.

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One more reason that a little tikes playhouse will probably be greatly appreciated by your youngsters is due to their attention to detail that kids notice. kids learn to act and behave by mimicking those around them and little tikes have really taken that to heart. You'll notice that most of the playhouses will have a doorbell, a fold-up table inside, including a working dutch door. With those things, your kids will have an infinite possibility to fuel their imagination.

So keep in mind if you are buying almost every toy under the sun for your children, probably the most useful and best investments will be a little tikes playhouse. Not only will they be able to use it when they are young toddlers, but even as they get into middle school, it's still going to hold some appeal.

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