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Mar 6, 2010

Parents Cause Low Self-Esteem In Their Children... Without Knowing It!

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If you want to raise your family with love, peace and nourishing connection... and ensure your children grow up with the self-confidence to succeed in the world... without feeling guilty about discipline, then this will be one of the most important messages you'll ever read.

Shelly Birger Phillips (a parenting coach, studied child development at the University of Illinois, taught at Montessori preschools and worked as an in-house nanny for a number of families) believed the conventional ways of parenting are outdated and unhealthy!

Shelly just released This Jam-packed 45-minute Audio Program... Eight Steps to Connected Parenting...

You will discover in the Audio Program :

* What one crucial, life-saving measure major airlines know about parenting -- and how, if you don't follow this simple rule... you cannot even begin to connect with your children.
* The most common mistake parents make when they watch their kids play... a mistake that can stifle their self-confidence in later years, and as they grow up.
* The one thing your child desperately starves for when they throw tantrums... and how most parenting books (especially pop "parenting coaches" on TV) have it completely wrong, wrong, wrong.
* How to be authentic in front of your child without lying, hiding or dumping your emotional baggage on them.
* What your friends and family may be doing unknowingly, (in front of you and your child) which causes them to have a low sense of self-worth.
* The single, most effective way to connect with your child when they are screaming, shouting or being disagreeable.
* The single, most powerful way to bond with your child. (Most parents do not do this enough!)
* How to prevent unnecessary upset when picking up your child, dropping off your child, or the difficult moments at home, before getting ready to go somewhere. Knowing why is half the battle. I'll tell you what it is on this audio.
* How simple games and play can get your child to do what you want without shouting, bribing or threats.
* How the traditional way of punishing -- or even rewarding -- your child can create low self-esteem! What's worse, the effects continue into their teenage years and even adulthood.

Be a Better Parent and download it immediately and start listening to it today! Click HERE now.

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