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Nov 15, 2010

Should your child be allowed to use the Computer?

From the age of 4, your child may already be addicted to computer games, some of which can be very educational and enriching from a learning perspective. You will be stunned that a pre-school toddler already knows how to surf the internet by himself , with some parental help and guidance of course, through certain computer games and videos. An instantaneous reaction to this would be if this is even a wonderful idea to begin with.

The following thoughts could cast some weight on this topic:-

1.Computer can be a Great Source of Learning

Whether it is by way of watching DVDs or downloading educational programs or games from the internet, the computer serves to be a great tool for this purpose. There are tons of good educational websites, electronic encyclopedias, online tutorials, and even great educational TV programs that can be watched online, some of which require a payment, and some of which are free. To exemplify,you can pay a small one time flat fee and download tons of Internet TV onto your PC,inclusive of plenty of children’s educational and learning programmes.

2. Costs Savings

For a small one time fee, your child can enjoy dozens of educational programs, cartoons and children’s TV shows. Some websites are even free. This will ultimately translate into plenty of costs savings for the parents in substituting with purchasing expensive DVDs, books and enrichment programs. Furthermore,parents save plenty of storage space as well.

3. Importance of Computer in time to come

The computer has become an indispensable tool in our lives. We use it for work, at school, for business and now even for social interaction . Companies are increasingly focusing on e-commerce for their business development and channel outreach strategies,schools even conduct online lessons as part of their curriculum, and millions of people are streaming onto facebook and twitters to find and interact with friends.

Consequently, to let your child be accustomed to and work with computers from an early age, will prove to be an important move you can adopt. Provided that you guide him or her in the right direction, he may even become the next important human in the world of technology. :-)

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