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May 6, 2012

Ideas for Day Trips with Kids

Sometimes, a day trip is just the thing you and your kids need. Day trips are usually less expensive than overnight trips, and you don't have to worry about packing a lot. Day trips are also a great addition to your kids' education. Depending on the age and number of kids, there is bound to be a day trip that works for your family.

Here are some ideas.


Going to the zoo is often an unforgettable experience for children. They can see animals "in real life" that they may have only seen in pictures or on TV. Some children have a particular animal they really like, and a zoo trip can bring that alive. Other variations on the zoo theme are wildlife refuges and petting zoos. Some wildlife refuges have picnic tables and other accommodations, and you can see the animals that inhabit your local area. Petting zoos are also a fun and interactive way for kids to touch and interact with animals they might otherwise never get close to.

Water Parks

Once your kids learn to swim, a water park is a grand idea. If someone in your family is not a swimmer, look for a water park that has a playground, wading pool, or similar alternatives to swimming. From water slides to wave pools, a water park is a fun outing for children.


A day at an aquarium is fun for everyone. Kids can see ocean life from all over the world collected in one place. Another great thing about aquariums is that all ages can enjoy them - even toddlers and babies enjoy the beautiful, unusual sights, sounds, and colors.


When you think of museums, does it conjure up images of a stuffy collection of untouchable displays? Think again - museums in this day and age are often kid-friendly, with interactive exhibits and other features. Some museums have programs and activities designed for children.


You don't have to spend the night in a tent for it to be camping! You can camp during the day with kids, and many children love it. Bring food and equipment to your nearest campsite, and set up camp. You can even pitch a tent. Build a fire and cook your food over it, and let the kids run around in the woods or enjoy an on-site playground. If there is a creek or stream, the kids will enjoy wading and so forth.

Horseback Riding This is a fun outing for kids. A professional stable will be able to accommodate most age and experience levels. Very young kids can enjoy a slow walk with an adult leading the horse, and older kids might like a trail ride. It makes for a memorable day trip.


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