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May 17, 2012

Cool Father's Day ideas your dad will love

Father’s day is a special time of the year when you can do something really special to express your love for your dear Dad. Most of the kids around the world would buy a tie or a greeting card for their Dads. However, how about doing something really special and new for your Father? There are several types of things that you can do on Father’s Day to make your Dad feel really proud and special.
If you Dad like to play ballgames then you can enjoy playing the activities such as racing, hockey or any other type of sports. Get tickets for his favorite sports when his team is playing. You can both enjoy a great day out watching the sports and cheering for your favorite team. You can also go to a golf course, bowling alley, or the batting cages.

Is your father a lover of movies? You can catch up with him and watch some really good movies together. You can get some popcorn for him and a rent a bunch of his favorite movies. Sit together on the couch with just the remote and have a nice time watching movies together. You can also get him a subscription for his favorite Hollywood blockbusters and he will never have to leave home to catch a movie.
Arrange for a get together for your Dad with his old buddies for a night of movies, poker, or sports. Whip up the fun with some nice snacks such as guacamole, chips and dip, tacos, or pizzas. Remember to carry all the stuff that you might need. Things such as cards and poker chips, and DVDs are must-haves.
The best thing to do would be to become a genie for your Dad and tell him to make wishes that he would like to get fulfilled. Give him what he wants and see his face glow.

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